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How To Tell If Your Weed Is In Good Quality

How To Tell If Your Weed Is In Good Quality
07/13/2018 Thomas, W.
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It is very important to know the difference between dank and bunk weed. Bad quality weed can actually bring you harm, as it might contain pesticides. Before buying anything sketchy,how can you tell Good Weed VS Bad Weed? Read on to find out…

Good Weed vs Bad Weed

In many dispensaries, customers can not sample the weed before buying, which makes it difficult to determine the weed quality and effects. Decent dispensaries will at least let customers view, smell and maybe even touch the bud. Thus, if you can not sample before making a purchase decision, how can you actually tell if the weed is in good quality.


Identifying Good Weed by View

Good quality weed grown and dried in appropriate conditions would have following signs:

*large amount of trichomes (crystals).The more crystals on the surface the higher the THC content

*Appearance consistency

*weed should be green and with some flecks of orange, sometimes purple.

Brown weed is bad weed. It could contain mold, pesticides, and chemical, so don’t smoke it. Leaves around the flowers might indicated different kind of nutrient related problems.

Another important thing to look for are signs of botrytis, aspergillus or other forms of mold. You should avoid smoking mold wherever possible. It can lead to some pretty nasty lung conditions. Look out for furry, fuzzy whitish stuff on the leaves and buds.


Tell Good Weed From The Bad by Smelling

Good quality weed will have an unique, herbal scent. A good bud contains a strong concentration of aroma compounds. Musty odour and wet smell indicate poor storage and presence of mold.

So, if your weed is in good quality, well processed and appropriately stored. Your weed would have a fruity, flowery, herbal or spicy odour. If it is been badly taken care of, dried or stored, the weed will have no terpenes and give out stable musty aroma.

Identifying good Weed By Touch

If the dispensaries allow you to touch the weed before buying, you have a good chance to tell if this is good weed by touching. Good quality weed is supposed to be firm, appropriately dry and slightly sticky.  You could squeeze the bud gently and it helps you judge its firmness and also stickiness. Sticky feeling indicates there is resin in there! Good quality weed should be a mix of not too day and not too wet.  Make sure you store weed properly to stop it from drying out, as dry weed will burn too fast.

These are just a few of ways to tell good weed from bad by not smoking it out. Please leave us a comment if you have other good tips!

Get a bong or hand pipe to enjoy your weed!

Enjoy the vidoe by Crutch420’s experience on how to tell good weed.