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“Mountain Road” Inline Perc Recycler
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“Mountain Road” Inline Perc Recycler

2.43 out of 5 based on 21 customer ratings
(21 customer reviews )

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2.43 out of 5

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Check out Mountain Road features a coiled tube that connects the filtration chamber and recycling chambers. There is an inline perc at the lower chamber for filtration, then smoke travels up through the spiral tube to the recycling chamber, and water flows back down to the base. This recycler comes with nail and dome. And you could smoke herb with Mountain Road by switching to a female bowl.

1.Joint:14mm male
2.Height:10.2 inches/26cm
3.High Quality Thick Borosilicate Glass
4.Dome and Nail Included
5.Inline Perc
6.Dual Chamber Recycler
7.Spiral Coil Tubing
9.SmokeWeapon Glass

Customers' review

Rated 2.43 out of 5 stars
21 reviews
5 stars 1 4 %
4 stars 5 23 %
3 stars 2 9 %
2 stars 7 33 %
1 star 6 28 %

21 reviews for “Mountain Road” Inline Perc Recycler

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  21. 5 out of 5

    excellent! had a GOOD deal here, found a same piece somewhere for 120 bucks. watching the water going around is so cool and the additional titanium nail just makes every hit so smooth!

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