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Why Shop with SmokeWeapon?

You might be tired of shopping at a smoking shop around your neighborhood?Only few product selection, products are overpriced, poor customer service, and worse thing is your privacy is totally exposed to others. But now, with SmokeWeapon, your can purchase your perfect smoking products(water pipes, hand pipes, grinders etc.) without any concern! SmokeWeapon is here to provide you good quality smoking products at very reasonable price and with excellent customer service, and What’s more, your shopping experience is discreet and secure!


Low Price
Because SmokeWeapon only sells online, thus costs related to a brick and mortar smoking shop, such as rent for a retail store, energy bill, sales employees salary, are not problems to us anymore!

Secondly, we partner directly with experienced glass blowers, by cutting middleman cost plus with other cost mentioned above, together all those savings are passed on to your every purchase! This is the enchanting magic of online shopping nowadays!


Free,Fast & Discreet Shipping


SmokeWeapon offers free shipping to all orders! Most of the time we ship out your package on the same day. Your package will arrives at your door in 1-2 weeks(delivery time depends on your locations). And your products are packed in an unmarked brown cardboard box, thus nobody knows what is inside.We protect your privacy!


Satisfying Customer Support


Have a question? Even a question about what to give for your girlfriend’s birthday, please don’t hesitate to talk to our support staff, we are here to HELP. Drop us a message via SmokeWeapon live chat, email, Facebook message, and InstagramDM, we will go back to you ASAP! Your satisfaction is our mission.



Your Privacy Is Safe


SmokeWeapon takes every customer’s privacy and personal information very seriously. Our website is hosted on Shopify Inc, thus your data is stored at high level security database. What’s more, our website uses SSL security, you might have noticed this is a lock icon shown in the website address bar. While surfing our website, your information is encrypted!


Now,  feel secure and comfortable, and enjoy your shopping with SmokeWeapon.